THE WINTER MARKETING CAMPAIGN PLANNING WORKSHEET SNOWCAPPED MARKETING HOW COULD YOU START A WARM CONVERSATION THIS WINTER The winter months offer some of the best opportunities for connecting with your audience as people Join the conversation and build humantohuman relationships with an interactive holiday campaign Use the inspiration of the holidays to launch a marketing campaign that will educate and inspire your audience Get the most out of your seasonal campaign by providing engaging content that offers value for you and for your prospects Lets head into the colder months with a plan for integrated interactive content campaigns that drive real marketing results WINTER THEMES snow charity champagne romance family holiday cheer friendship dessert WINTER HOLIDAYS Below are some of our favorite winter holidays to inspire you Which will you use for your next campaign Dates DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY December 5 Walt Disneys Birthday January 1 New Years Day First Sunday Superbowl Varies Chanukkah Begins January 3 Festival of Sleep Day February 2 Groundhog Day December 7 Pearl Harbor Day January 4 Trivia Day February 11 Thomas Edisons Birthday December 10 Human Rights Day January 8 Elvis Presleys Birthday February 12 Abraham Lincolns Birthday December 10 Nobel Prizes Presented January 10 Houseplant Appreciation Day February 14 Valentines Day December 15 Cat Herders Day January 14 Poetry at Work Day February 15 Flag Day in Canada December 19 Oatmeal Muffin Day Third Monday Martin Luther King Jr Day Third Monday Presidents Day MidDecember Winter Solstice January 20 Edwin Buzz Aldrins Birthday MidFebruary Fat Tuesday December 23 Festivus January 25 Opposite Day Late February Chinese New Year December 25 Christmas January 27 Mozarts Birthday Late February or Early March Academy Awards December 26 Boxing Day January 28 National Fun at Work Day February 24 Tortilla Chip Day 1 DEVELOPING YOUR CAMPAIGN at makes ect to a holiday th nn co to n ig pa m rests Plan your ca y and audience inte tit en id d an br ur yo sense for ign Theme Whats Your Campa Whats Your Goal ay Will You Anchor What Winter Holid To 2 CHOOSE ENGAGING CO NTENT A holiday is a great time to try out a new type of co ntent Interactive content engages prospe cts in a fun conversationa l experience thats quick and easy to create ASSESSMENTS QUIZZES CALCULATORS SURVEYS Whats Your Snowman Style The Hardest Trivia Quiz Ever Made Calculate Your Chocolate Budget Is Valentines The Best or the Worst LAYING OUT YOUR CAMPAIGN Typical campaigns should have promotional elements at least two weeks before the holiday date and one week post the holiday date The amount of time will vary by the importance of the holiday Use the blank calendar below to get started on your campaign Campaign Type Blast campaign onetime Part of a larger campaign 3 4 Event Months Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri MEASURING YOUR SUCCESS At the end of your campaign jot down the results yo u achieved Leads Qualified Leads Pipeline Opportunities SnapApp empowers marketers to create personalized interactive experiences that activate buyers accelerates leads through the funnel and unleashes growth With a simple draganddrop interface you dont need to be a designer or developer to create a wide variety of content types across multiple channels And robust integrations into top marketing automation tools let you collect information that improves marketing efforts and accelerate leads through the funnel Backed by Providence Equity Partners SnapApp customers include Paycor Cisco CEB Blackbaud and Equifax Visit SnapApp on the web at wwwsnapappcom or follow on Twitter snapapp ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE ALL YEAR WITH OUR 12 MONTH GUIDE